Business, Marketing, and Technology
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About Us
Welcome to the Papillion - La Vista South High School Business, Marketing and Information Technology (BMIT) department. We are committed to preparing students for a rapidly changing world by expanding each student's knowledge, experiences and skills in business.

Whatever path you are pursuing - college prep, career training, tech prep, or school-to-work - every student can learn how to succeed in life by electing business courses!

Why study BMIT?
There are several reasons why you should enroll in business education at Papillion- La Vista South High School:

  1. BMIT transactions, decisions, and interactions are a part of every person's daily life. All students, regardless of their ultimate career goal, need business courses in high school.
  2. BMIT courses contribute to higher-order thinking.
  3. BMIT courses enhance achievement test performance.
  4. BMIT programs contribute to workplace readiness and help develop skills and knowledge employers want and need.
  5. BMIT programs provide for integrated learning.
  6. Our course offerings span everything from introducing students to the world of business to hands-on work with computers. Students will have the opportunity to study business as it relates to our economy, careers in business, matters of their own personal finances, varied levels of valuable training in computer application skills, and to learn about many different types of computer multimedia.
  7. The teachers in the business department here at South have many years of experience and an enthusiasm for teaching our students about how they can become an important and influential part of the business culture in our community, society, and even globally.