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Marketing education prepares high scv hool and college students for rewarding careers in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. DECA enhances that education by providing recognition and leadership activities directly related to classroom study. These activities focus on national, state and local programs designed to recognize attainment of specific occupational and leadership skills.

The objective of marketing education and DECA is to teach marketing and management skills in career areas such as hotel management, restaurant marketing and management, food marketing, department and specialty store retailing, industrial and international marketing, finance and credit, advertising, insurance, wholesaling, e-commerce and entrepreneurship. The curriculum is tailored to the specific career goals of students and includes basic scholastic and communications skills, human relations and employability skills.

Students are taught the fundamentals of marketing and management as well as the principles of economics and free enterprise through classroom instruction, work place training and DECA activities. Recognized by the state board of education and by federal legislation, DECA is an integral part of the marketing education instructional program.

DECA: A Business and Education Partnership
DECA is one of America’s best examples of school, business and the community working together to create a well trained, educated work force. Since 1947, business leaders and DECA have worked hand-in-hand to educate a quality labor pool of marketing/management specialist. Thousands of local businesses and over sixty major U.S. corporations recognize DECA as a vital link between the classroom and the business world.

In the next several years, the work force will be growing more slowly than will the demand for highly skilled workers, clearly a challenge that educators and business leaders must face together. DECA’s objective, in cooperation with the business community, is to help provide the quality management and marketing education for tomorrow's work force.

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