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Research/Citations/MLA Help
The library has provided some additional help for you when you are citing your research in your papers and projects. Click here for a link to the requirements and examples of how to cite your sources. Major Calendar Dates in English Classes:

Junior Year
February: State Writing Test
April: State Reading Test (NeSA)

Summer Reading Guides 2018

21st Century Summer Reading
AP Language and Writing (11th grade)
AP Lit 2018
Brit Lit Summer Reading 2018
Multi Cultural Summer Reading Directions 2018
Bruiser-On level English 9-Summer Guide 2017-2018

9th Grade Honors Hobbit Reading Notes
Honors 11 Summer Reading
Honors World Literature 18-19
On-level 10 article accompanying The Hunger Games
On-level 10 article accompanying My Sister's Keeper
On-level English 11 Summer Reading 2018
Summer Reading Honors English 10 Direction Samples
2018 Senior Literacy Foundations
2018 Senior Themes I
2018 Senior Themes II
Honors 10 Example Notes
Honors 10 Summer Reading
On-level 10 Sample Notes
On-level 10 Summer Reading
The Chosen Summer Reading 9-Thematic Notes
Honors English 9 (The Chosen)
Honors English 11 (The Scarlet Letter)
Summer Reading English 10 Directions Samples Articles

Regular and Honors Class Distinctions
There are a great many questions about what the differences between a regular English class and an honors English class. Listed below are some clear ways to tell which class might be the best fit for you as a student.

Characteristics of Regular, Honors and AP Courses

So, if you are still wondering, here are some additional things to consider...

  • Rewrite? My rough draft is good enough.
  • I never read.
  • I don't know how long my presentation is because I didn't practice it.
  • We have a quiz/test today?
  • That's stupid. (With regards to any activity requiring thought or effort)
  • It's not very good, but at least it's finished.
  • I never read directions.
  • Do we have to DO something today?
  • We have an assignment due today?
  • Why do I have to sit in my seat?