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Research/Citations/MLA Help
The library has provided some additional help for you when you are citing your research in your papers and projects. Click here for a link to the requirements and examples of how to cite your sources. Major Calendar Dates in English Classes:

Junior Year
February: State Writing Test
April: State Reading Test (NeSA)

Summer Reading Guides 2017


21st Cent, Lit Foundations, Themes I & II, Multicultural
AP Language and Writing (11th grade)
AP Lit 2017
Brit Lit Summer Reading 2017
Bruiser-On level English 9-Summer Guide 2017-2018
Honors 10 Example Notes
Honors 10 Summer Reading
Honors 11 Summer Reading
Honors World Literature 17-18
On-level 10 article accompanying The Hunger Games
On-level 10 Sample Notes
On-level 10 Summer Reading
On-level 10 article accompanying My Sister's Keeper
On-level English 11 Summer Reading 2017
The Chosen Summer Reading 9-Thematic Notes
Honors English 9 (The Chosen)
Honors English 11 (The Scarlet Letter)
Summer Reading English 10 Directions Samples Articles
Summer Reading Honors English 10 Direction Samples

Regular and Honors Class Distinctions
There are a great many questions about what the differences between a regular English class and an honors English class. Listed below are some clear ways to tell which class might be the best fit for you as a student.

Characteristics of Regular, Honors and AP Courses

So, if you are still wondering, here are some additional things to consider...

  • Rewrite? My rough draft is good enough.
  • I never read.
  • I don't know how long my presentation is because I didn't practice it.
  • We have a quiz/test today?
  • That's stupid. (With regards to any activity requiring thought or effort)
  • It's not very good, but at least it's finished.
  • I never read directions.
  • Do we have to DO something today?
  • We have an assignment due today?
  • Why do I have to sit in my seat?