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Mathematics is often mistakenly thought of as a bunch of formulas and computations, a non-evolving, dry subject for wild-haired geniuses scratching away on pads of paper. The reality is that mathematics is a living discipline, the science of patterns. It takes its problems from the physical sciences, the social sciences, management science and other fields, and creates its own avenues of exploration. The mathematics giants of the past would be astonished by the changes the discipline has undergone in recent years. But the ingredients for the success are still the same: logic, creativity, and perseverance. Papillion-La Vista South's students will develop these skills through a diverse range of courses: from practical courses like Integrated Math to college level courses such as Advanced Placement Calculus.

As a department, we seek to provide an environment in which students can become mathematical problem solvers who are equipped to pursue challenging careers in our increasingly technological society. Math is an exciting and challenging experience at Papillion La-Vista South. In all classes students are involved in communication, reasoning, and problem-solving. Up-to-date technologies are used to enhance each student's learning. The goal of the Mathematics Department is to help students become critical thinkers and effective problem solvers while they are mastering a certain body of mathematical knowledge.

Underlying this mission is the belief that the Department must make meaningful use of modern technologies as well as diverse methods of instruction to enhance teaching and learning and increase students' understanding of mathematical concepts. The Mathematics Department is committed to a mathematics curriculum that is responsive to the needs of its students, and seeks to provide course offerings that present suitable academic challenge, in a supportive environment, based on the expectation that all students can learn mathematics.

Summer Packets for Honors & AP Classes
It is the expectation of the PL South Math Department that students taking an Honors or AP math course have the ability to apply previously learned mathematical concepts with little or no review.  These classes will hit the ground running in August.  In order to keep your skills fresh we recommend you complete the appropriate summer packet for the course you are registered for during the 2016-2017 school year.  A graded skills assessment will be given in all Honors & AP math classes during the 1st week of the school year.

Class Packet Answer Key
Honors Geometry Packet Answer Key
Honors Algebra 2 Packet Answer Key
Honors Pre-Calc Packet Answer Key
AP Calculus AB Packet Answer Key
AP Calculus BC Packet Not Provided
AP Statistics Packet Answer Key