School Resource Officer
The purpose of the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program is to enhance the relationship between local law enforcement, students, parents, staff and assist in providing a safe learning environment. The goal is to promote positive citizenship among our youth by utilizing the resources of the Papillion-La Vista Schools and local law enforcement agencies. The officer will be a resource and shall make class presentations to include but not limited to: drug abuse resistance programs, US Constitution and la--related education, delinquency and prevention, dating violence, and good citizen/community responsibility. These presentations may be available to students, parents, and other groups associated with Papillion-La Vista Schools.

The officer will perform a variety of professional and technical police work necessary for the protection of life, safety, health, welfare, and property. All local, state, and federal ordinances, statutes and laws will be enforced.

There may be occasions when circumstances arise in which the officer will need to provide direct assistance to school personnel. When assistance is requested and/or it becomes necessary for law enforcement to become involved, the rules governing law and the policies and procedures of the Papillion Police Department shall be followed.

Officer Jobi Drefs has been a police officer for 10 years. During those years she worked road patrol. She also serves as the Department's Fitness Instructor.