Small Learning Career Communities
Developing purpose... one student at a time.

The four 9th grade teams at Papillion-La Vista South High School are as follows:




9th Grade teams are places where students discover, explore, and reach their potential with confidence and security. A TEAM is made up of teams of 9th grade students who take classes together and are taught by a team of teachers from the core academic areas for Biology, English 9, and US History.  There is also a Learning Center Teacher on each team.  Students are teamed together by random computer assignment as schedules can best fit for each student’s requested classes.

Teams of instructors meet together regularly to discuss curriculum pacing and problem solving as they help each student transition to high school.  Many times, teams are the first recommendation for an Academic Intervention for students who are struggling.  Instructors are also able to make recommendations for students for their future planning depending on their areas of interest. 

The 9th Grade Team teachers also assist in annual activities. 

9th grade annual activities include:


9th grade administrator: Mr. Jeff Spilker
9th grade counselor: Mrs. Brenda Saggau