10 Questions with Caitlyn Crowe & Jared Ott

Caitlyn & Jared.BOLT


This year the theatre department has pulled out all the stops for its fall production, as this is the first time they have incorporated flying in a show. Caitlyn Crowe and Jared Ott portray the iconic roles of Mary and Bert in this year’s fall musical “Mary Poppins,” where they will be the first to fly through the audience.

What is your first memory of Mary Poppins?

Crowe: “It was my mom’s favorite movie, so we just watched it as a family and I always loved the music.”

What does the story of Mary Poppins mean to you?

Ott: “The whole story interprets, for me at least, to the theme ‘Don’t take anything for granted.’ When you start to appreciate what you have vs. what you don’t have, you become happier.”

How do your childhood memories affect how you want to portray your character on stage?

Crowe: “Watching ‘Mary Poppins’ as a kid, I always thought she was perfect. Now being Mary Poppins, I know I want to be the character kids come see and remember and they look up to that character like I did.”

How have rehearsals for this play been different from those before?

Ott: “Day to day rehearsal isn’t too different, but this year we added two extra weeks of rehearsal because it is such a beast of a show.”

What do you think other people’s expectations are for the musical?

Crowe: “I think people expect it to live up to the standards of how great the movie was. A lot of people haven’t seen the Broadway version, so I think people are expecting Julie Andrews’ Mary Poppins, but it’s very different. I still think our production will live up to the greatness of Mary Poppins.”

What do you do to prepare before a scene?

Ott: “I jump around a bit to get my energy up, and say a bunch of words in my accent just to make sure it’s toned to the right British accent. Because there are a lot of them with slight new nuances that make them different.”

What are you most looking forward to for this play?

Crowe: “As soon as they announced what the musical was last year my mom bought me the CD. I’ve been listening to it every day, so I had it all memorized before we even got the parts. I’m really looking forward to singing the music I’ve loved for so long and the neat opportunity to be able to fly.”

What was your first thought on the idea of flying for this play?


As a senior, how does this musical differ from those before?

Crowe: “I’ve been in the musical since freshman year, and we’ve done amazing musicals each year, but this year having such a large production to be a part of is exciting in itself, along with the fact that I’m one of the leads… It just feels right, since it’s senior year, and I’m just excited that my last musical does get to be different.”

What legacy would you like to leave for the drama department after you graduate?

Ott: “I’ve thought about this a lot. [Matt] Parker and I share presidency over drama club, and we’ve really made an effort to have more initiative this year. It’s easy to take the lazy road, but our goal as president of the drama club is to make everyone feel important, and to bring immediate fervor to drama-related activities.”