Prepping for Prom: Prom tips 101

The days are slowly ticking by, and you know what that means….PROM. The night to remember, the night that goes down in the books as a supposed “highlight of your high school experience.” You may be a newbie getting ready to see the twinkling lights and hanging airplanes at the SAC museum, or you may be a returning student eager to jump back on the dance floor for one final high school dance, whoever you are, listen to these pros as they give their tips from their previous prom nightmares and dreams that came true.

Seniors Andrea Torres and Calem Witt expertly matching their outfits at prom 2014. (Photo by Rachel Torres)


“Your outfit for prom has to be perfect. I like to check online before I go shopping in order to get an idea of the type of dress I would like. Don’t be afraid to try things on, finding the right dress can be a lengthy process.” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Don’t wait until the last minute to get your dress, especially if you are planning on ordering from online. It’s nice to have extra time just in case you need to alter your dress or get a new one if you absolutely hate the one you currently have.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“Get your dress/tux tailored as soon as you can, don’t do it last minute and have it be messed up.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“If you’re buying the dress at a store, make sure you find whatever is comfortable for you to dance in!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Don’t go too extreme with the tux, guys. You can be a little adventurous but not much can beat the classic black tux.” –Aaron Homme, 12th

“Always go bow-tie! Ties are for homecoming.” –Nick Bailey, 12th

“If you have a date, matching is a necessity and it will make you and your partner look very sharp.” –Benjamin Saul, 10th

“Make sure your vest matches her dress.” –Joe Fox, 12th


“When it comes to hair, you do you…but remember to stay classy.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“Girls, if you have a backless dress that you want to show off, find a hairdo that would look cute when it’s up! Guys, you have it a little easier. Get it up, to the side, sleek it back. Do whatever fits you.” -Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Prom only happens once a year, so it is important that you spend a little extra time on your hair and makeup. If you don’t want to spend extra money on getting those things done professionally, don’t sweat it. I did my own hair and makeup last year for prom, and everything turned out great!” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Once you have your hair done, use a whole bottle of hairspray to hold it in place. Hairspray is a girl’s best friend.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

Juniors Gabby Catterson and Rachael Packard styling their hair just right with their gowns. (Courtesy photos)


“I personally believe that dinner is super important for prom. It’s a nice get-together before the dance and it can relieve stress and make for a better night. Wearing a suit all day can honestly be exhausting and there is nothing better than having a fancy dinner with your friends. Whether as a group or with a partner, dinner is a must!” –Benjamin Saul, 10th

“People’s tastes can be so different, it is important to choose a place that everyone will enjoy. If it is possible, make reservations, especially for large parties.” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Take pictures before you stuff yourself with food!” –Caitlyn Crowe, 11th

“Make dinner fun but not too crazy. Spend a little money on a fancy restaurant but don’t break your bank doing it.” –Nick Bailey, 12th

“Don’t get spaghetti. It ended up all over my dress before we even got to the dance.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“When going out to eat with your date or with your group of friends, make sure not to stuff yourself! You want to be able to have room to dance! Also guys, be generous and pay for your date!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Dinner needs to be nice, guys, take her to her favorite restaurant. Its your job to keep her happy tonight, and starting off with her favorite place is a good idea.” –Aaron Homme, 12th

“Make sure you don’t have food in your teeth after you’re done eating.” –Emma Martinez, 12th


“The music at prom may not always be the best, but this is either your first prom or your last, or your second or third! Make your high school prom experience a blast! Dance it up! When there is a song you don’t like, you could take your party over to the drink stand and refresh yourself up!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Dancing is hard and everyone sucks at it, so don’t be afraid of dancing.” –Nick Bailey, 12th

“Don’t request country music.” –Joe Fox, 12th

“I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes to prom. Take pictures in your nice 6” heels and then take them off! Or just take the heels off once you get there. Dancing + heels = painful outcome.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“You can make any situation fun if you want to.” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“The music can be a really good hit and definitely set the mood for the next dance. Whether slow or fast you should take your partner or group of friends and have a good time.” –Benjamin Saul, 10th


“It can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do after prom. Fortunately, our school sponsors post prom, a fun and safe way to spend your night. This year they are holding it at the Amazing Pizza Machine. I recently went there in order to get a feel for how post prom will be, and I had a blast! But, no matter what you do, choose something that you will enjoy, but be responsible!” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“The Amazing Pizza Machine is way cooler than the school gym and there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. Food is why I go to post prom.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“Now, although prom is fun, there is nothing more exciting than post prom, its dressed down and everyone is there to party. Its safe and enjoyable and starts late which means you yourself don’t have to host a party. There is literally nothing greater than ending your prom night with post prom and a few friends. It is something you must attend!” –Benjamin Saul, 10th

“Make sure your parents know your post prom plan and don’t make them worry.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“If post prom isn’t an option for you, have a girls night or guys night! But make sure you be careful with what you do after prom. Be safe!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th


“Let yourself have fun, it’s a great time. Last year, I was kind of hesitant to be super social, but you gotta go out and dance and have a great time.” –Aaron Homme, 12th

“Put your name in your shoes! Last year, mine got mixed up and I ended up with shoes that didn’t fit. Please don’t let that happen to you!” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Make sure you take a shower so you smell fresh and hang out with your closest friends.” –Joe Fox, 12th

Senior Noah Thornton posing in front of his mom, Papio South english teacher Ann Thornton, at last year’s prom. (Courtesy photos)

“Don’t spend your time in the bathroom trying to make sure your make up looks presentable…and don’t be that person sitting at a table on your phone the whole night!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Don’t forget to drink lots of water and avoid the punch…No one wants a punch stain all over their face like a mustache, and punch breath is not pleasant.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“The most important thing to remember during prom is a package of mint gum and some extra money. You never know what kind of exciting things will happen on prom night. From late night movies to the first kiss, you must stay classy and fresh.”–Benjamin Saul, 10th

“Don’t freak and stress yourself out.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“Have fun…you only get two of these.” –Nick Bailey, 12th