Congratulations, Papillion-La Vista South students! If you’re reading this, it’s not too late. You’ve officially survived the tetrad of lunar eclipses, otherwise known as the blood moon. As the weather continues to battle with its own case of bipolar disorder, the choice of whether to go as a swimsuit model or the abominable snowman for Halloween is still a toss up. But, who knows? If you ordered a Homecoming dress online, you may be able to reuse it Halloween night.

With the increased prices for activities and parking passes, you can’t logically be expected to purchase a costume for Homecoming and Halloween.

The demands being put on students this year are becoming outrageous. “What does the ‘Titan Way’ mean to you?” How should you know? Every app on your phone is blocked, so it’s not like you can Google it. It’s not written in twenty-first century lingo (like last year’s “Titan Tru”). Opening your eyes and looking around at the thousands of posters hung around the school and actually listening to the announcements clearly isn’t an option for you hipsters.

Nevertheless, now that students have been attending school for a while, it’s pretty obvious the majority are adjusting sufficiently. The marching band has new uniforms to help cope with the loss of summertime. Papio South’s brains are reeling from the results of ACT and NeSA testing. For student athletes, however, the biggest adjustment may have been remembering how to balance leg day and math quizzes.

Students’ struggles aside, there has been one addition to the Titan way that will forever memorialize 2015-2016 at Papillion-La Vista South: milk bags. Bags o’ milk. Accidents with risky packaging and shady-looking straws waiting to happen. It’s evidently because people of this generation require more than a label to identify the type of milk they’re purchasing. Teenagers need to be able to see what they’re buying. They need to be able to feel the liquid with their own two hands. Reading the carton of milk was clearly just too much work – it was backing up the lunch line.

Custodian WEBWith the recent custodial cutbacks, our school may have to start embracing the practices of many schools in Japan, where students do the dirty work usually reserved for janitorial staff in the US of A. Cleaning may have to become part of the lesson plan… and that includes mopping up exploded milk-bag balloons in the cafeteria.

At least you’re not the Monarchs – having to mop up after a leaking pool and milk bags.

Over the summer, some Papio South students had the opportunity to attend a leadership workshop to discuss what they thought our school should be known for. Just be glad that happened before the milk bags were introduced to the district.

Next thing you know, it will be milk bags instead of beach balls being passed around at football games. The new Cycling Club will use milk bags to replace the usual cycling hydration backpacks. The nurses will use warmed milk bags as heating pads and frozen ones as ice packs. Forget punch at Homecoming this year – milk bags are being served!

Keep in mind, you do live in Papillion – you should be proud. You reside in one of the best places to live in the United States, according to Money magazine. You only need to remember two things as you continue your blissful existence here. One: Conserve your data – use it wisely. Two: Beware the milk bag.

Get involved!


You’ve been in school for over a month now. Take a deep breath. You’ve survived the first of your exams, you know how to get to all your classes, and you’ve finally figured out how to get your locker open. But what’s next? It’s time to get involved.

Jared Ott, senior and president of the drama club, said “Without being involved, you go to school every day, you take your classes, and then maybe after school you go to work, or go home, then repeat. I think being involved gives you a better sense of pride for our school.” The Papillion-La Vista South school administration plays a large role in student involvement by supporting a variety of clubs in order to “meet the needs of a broad range of student interests.”

Information about clubs and sports can be found in both the announcements, and student made posters found around the school. Whether you are a freshman or a senior, it is never too late to get involved. Student Damien Burger wants to get more involved throughout the year. “I wanted a challenge and to get to know more people since I`m new,” Burger said.

Freshman Zoe Barkley hopes to try out for both the basketball and soccer teams, to”meet new people and learning new skills to get a better understanding of the sports at a higher level.” Students feel that they gain more from being  invovled. “Being involved has allowed me to take on many more responsibilities than what is simply required by my parents. It helped teach me time management, and effective leadership skills,” Ott said.

Other students join clubs and sports to learn life skills that might prepare them for their future. “I joined DECA and golf because I love the sport and I knew opportunities were waiting for me in DECA and I needed to take advantage of them,” says senior Jordan Davis, vice president of business partnerships.

If you are interested in more of an educational based club, try DECA/FBLA, Debate,  College Bound and Book Club. If those clubs don’t interest you, try two of the newest clubs to PLSHS, ping pong club or cycling club.  If none of the clubs mentioned sound fun to you, look on the school website to find a full list of clubs and sports.

Student involvement may not be of interest to everyone, but with a wide variety of sports and clubs offered, a student looking to get involved is sure to find many opportunities ahead of them.

Farm life sets students apart


In the bustling halls of Papio South it can be hard to find peace and quiet. In Papillion, though,  just go a few miles off of the school campus and you may find some nice open land. Most of Papillon’s residents don’t have any open land, but there are two students who do. Junior Emily Giese and senior Kelsey Reeves both share farm experience.

Reeves spends her time on her farm with her currently pregnant horse. “I’ve been around horses my whole life but I didn’t start riding them in 4-H and open shows until the 5th grade,”Reeves said. For her, life is a little bit different than the average student. “I definitely have some different responsibilities than the people who live in town,” Reeves said. “I might spend all day putting up a fence or hail-bailing. I always try to leave my house a half hour before I need to be at school.”

Emily WEBGiese, who lives in the city, visits her grandma’s farm every week. “Most of my stories come from my great grandma’s house,” Giese said. One of those was her first time four-wheeling. She had nervously pressed down on the gas pedal-making it lunge forward into a wheelie. “I learned fast that you don’t do that,” Giese said. “especially when your dad is on it.” Another thing Giese used to do was pile up in the back of her grandma’s pickup truck. “My cousin Gene would drive us around in the empty fields.” Giese said.

For Giese, the country taught her many things. Like how different the city and the country is. “The city is really different. There’s a lot more traffic” Giese said. “I like the quiet and it’s really peaceful. You can just drive around in a tractor and nobody’s going to freak out.”
“You don’t have to live on a farm to be country!” Giese said. “Country is working your butt off for what you want in life, being respectful, always helpful and just having good morals.”



Ticket to a happy Homecoming


It’s almost that time of year again….HOMECOMING!! Homecoming is one of the many events that students stress about. This year’s theme is travel. You get the honor to travel back to your wonderful school, but this time wearing cute, fancy clothes.
“I’m very excited to see the reactions and responses to all the hard work Student Council members have put into this. Homecoming is an event that happens only a few times in your life and we try our hardest to fulfill everyone’s expectations,” Student Council member, junior, Jessa Westcott said.
Thanks to Student Council and all their hard work, some of the stress has been taken out of your hands. Here are a few suggestion to help you have a stress free Homecoming.


La Vista Nail Spa – $
72nd and Giles
has very reasonable prices $10-$45, awesome service, very basic techniques, lots of colors to choose from.

JBs Classic Cuts – $$
96th and Giles
fast service prices range $20-$50

Faces Day Spa – $$$
84th and Center
Is high class, service is slow, appointments recommended, prices range $25-$70


Xenon Academy – $
84th and Park Dr.
a cosmetologist school, they do a great job at prices ranging from $20-$50

Studio 413 Salon – $$
Golden Gate Cir.
reasonable prices ranging $30-$90, prices will vary off of length, thickness, and what is all done.

Bloom Salon – $$$
Tara Plaza
very classy, overall a high end salon. Prices would range to about $40-$100


Hy-Vee – $
Shadow Lake
super cute and simple. Prices range $15-$35

Papillion Flower Patch – $$
84th and E. 1st st.
wide variety, more color selections $15-$60


J.C. Penny – $
Shadow Lake
A wide variety, reasonable prices starting at $40

Gentlemen’s Choice – $$
84th and Dodge St.
more of a selection, prices vary on what is bought, starts at $60

Tip Top Tux  – $$$
Shadow Lake
 higher prices, great quality. Prices start at $65


Forever 21 – $
Nebraska Crossing Outlets
extremely cheap, super cute with many selections, less formal. Prices $20-$40

J.C. Penny – $$
Shadow Lake
more formal than casual, smaller selection than most stores, prices $50-$80

Davids Bridal – $$$
Westroads Mall
super formal, lots of sizes and colors, also has alterations. Prices vary $40-$100


Chilis – $
84th and Giles
nothing too fancy, very good food, price range $20-$30

Old Chicago – $$
Shadow Lake
overall great service, good quality of food, prices between $30-$50

Kobe Steak House – $$$
168th and Burke Street
super awesome entertainment, great quality of food and large portions, prices $50-$90

Music to keep you warm this winter


On Sept. 23, Twenty One Pilots played their Blurryface setlist at Sumtur Amphitheatre. Dedicated fans, such as myself, stayed to be reborn through the music despite the skies tearing open and absolutely soaking us all through with rain.

Summer’s officially over, guys.

IMG_6653So what happens fall-come-winter for the music lovers that need to be out and about and living that concert attendee life?

Do not despair! I am here to guide you, friends.

Colder weather does NOT make the local noise any quieter. Grab a really woolen coat and roll your socks up as high as they go, get in your car, and let’s pick a venue.

(S’all gonna be indoors, no worries. We’ll keep you cosy.)


Want to discover some upcoming bands and names barely heard of (because we all know you need some legit hipster points)? Let’s go underground, bud. There’s music playing live here all. the. time. Shows range from FREE to $25 – and most fall in around $5. Their website is CONSTANTLY updated with shows and events – if you’re under 17, be sure to check out their admission rules as this venue does have a bar. All through October and November there are regular rock gigs.



More rock, more rock, more rock!!  Metal band Havok are there to wreak it on November 6th.  Girl on Fire play here on November 10th. Don’t know these names? Me neither. Oh, you do? Great, go rock out, buddy. Lookout Lounge’s got a lot more planned, too…

SITE: . (This is another bar, so bear that in mind!)


Sufjan Stevens, “similar to Arcade Fire”, is present and correct with gentle, pretty folksy music on October 28th. His stuff is like the soundtrack you need for the quiet moments in the winter sunshine, when the rays are catching the icicles on the naked tree branches and everything is silent under its blanket of white – ah, bliss. And possible days off school. That’s a good memory that hasn’t been made yet, right? Go listen to his music and tell me it doesn’t invoke that feeling, of pretty little mornings and the serene simplicity of waking up and feeling just okay. He’ll be bringing that to Omaha and I am delighted, actually. Ahem, that’s enough bias for one article–


Here’re your big gigs. Taylor Swift is in town on October 9th. All tickets are SOLD OUT but if you want to pay out for some resale tickets, ticketmaster has your back. Hurry!

Janet Jackson will be rocking out on October 30th and big name Black Sabbath arrive January 20th. …Tell your parents and never never, never say die! Yeeeah!

More classics?! Def Leppard, Foreigner, and Night Ranger are all playing together October 11th and there ARE tickets available. I don’t feel like you’re very excited by this. Foreigner did “You’re as Cold as Ice/I really need to sacrifice your love…” and “I wanna know what love is!!”. Yes? No? Okay. Motley Crue play on December 4th, if you need more oldie swayin’.


The Story So Far arrive on October 29th, who belt out catchy punk rock. I know that’s an oversaturated genre, but it’s still… so… good… And it’s definitely the sound you need to pump yourself up and shake yourself out of the sadness that your vacations were over around what, three months ago? Sorry for reminding you.

Go get the app BandsInTown if you want to stay updated with local events! I’m not being paid to advertise, unfortunately, I’m just being a good journalist in sharing my primary source with you – uh, wait…

Get some live music in your life and some bass in your veins, and maybe I’ll see you somewhere. As Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun might say, “stay lit” this fall, friends.