Aiming for more street cred


In August of this year, Straight Outta Compton was released in theatres, earning over $200 million in the worldwide box office. The movie poster has already become a meme, people switching out the word ‘Compton’ for something closer to home.

Straight OuttaWEBPapio South’s most popular club saw the slogan ‘Straight Outta Gaming Club’ attached to junior Isaiah Bourland’s presidential campaign. His posters can be seen around the school’s hallways, where they have gained a lot of attention.

“I thought the ‘Straight Outta Gaming’ posters would be a good idea, because people who have watched the movie can relate to it,” Bourland said. “A lot of people see me and say ‘hey, you’re that kid with the really awesome posters’ or ‘hey, I’ll vote for you’, I think it helped my chances of winning and hopefully it helped to spread the word about Gaming Club.”

Bourland is a new student at Papio South, and this is his first year in Gaming Club. He moved here from Grand Island Senior High last year, and he was drawn into Gaming Club because of its uniqueness. “It was cool because I’ve never heard of a club like that before, in any of the schools I’ve been to. So I thought it would be fun,” Bourland said.

At the beginning of the year he was involved with Cross Country, but Bourland chose to limit his participation in other activities to better focus on Gaming Club. “Gaming is something that brings us together, almost more than any sport or activity because in gaming there’s almost no limits to what you can do. There’s something there for everyone,” Bourland said.

Now that Bourland is president of Gaming Club, he has many plans to improve the club. “I want to get more member voices heard,” Bourland said. “I want to know what our members want out of Gaming Club, and I want to make it a more personal experience for people.”

Bourland also wants to attract more people to it. “I think at the moment there isn’t a lot of advertisements for it, so I don’t think it gets the attention that it deserves, but as long as we keep continuing with the plan for big events, then I think we can slowly get more attention to Gaming Club.”