Alamo Theater’s Star Wars excitement has its limits


DrafthouseIf you’re looking for a new place to see a movie, why not go to Omaha’s own Star Wars themed Alamo Drafthouse? The Alamo opened in La Vista on Nov. 2nd, and it’s already received national attention. Publications such as Variety and Entertainment Weekly have said the theater will attract movie fanatics. “Star Wars fans might be making a journey to the Midwest for future franchise releases.” Variety said. While other theaters play standard trailers promoting other upcoming movies, the Alamo offers ‘pre-shows’ designed around the feature movie goers come to see. “If you are going to watch Star Wars, you’ll see R2D2 clips, old star wars clips, just some stupid stuff from the past. They used to come from just Youtube but now it comes from a bunch of different places,” Christopher Calabrese, one of the Omaha Alamo theater managers said. Many students who have gone to the theater have said they liked them. “The previews were quite interesting and unique, and funny,” Junior Jennifer Hall said. Alamo Drafthouse has many nontraditional qualities, including one that may not be as exciting for high schoolers.

The age policy, which states customers must be “18 and up; Children 6 and up will be allowed only with an adult. No children under the age of 6 will be allowed”. This policy pops up when purchasing tickets online. Some people, especially teenagers, believe that it might affect the Alamo’s ticket sales negatively. Senior Johnathan Hunt works at Twin Creek Cinema, and said the Alamo’s policy made it less of a threat to the Bellevue theater’s business. “It’s supposed to take a little bit of our competition, but I think it’s supposed to be more for older people like 21 and older,” He said. Few teens want to tag along with Mom and Dad on movie night with friends. Calabrese said the age policy was something the Alamo might be looking to change. “It’s not necessarily an age policy, it’s a behavior policy. Alamo Drafthouse believes in preserving the cinematic experience. And making sure that going to the movie is about the movie. So we don’t want any distractions in our movies theatres,” Calabrese said. “That’s why we have the no talking, no texting policy. And it’s hard to give a no talking warning policy to a five year old.” So even though high schoolers can’t go to the Alamo by themselves, there is A New Hope for that to change.