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Warm up to local baristas


Outside the leaves are changing colors, and the air is getting chilly. Do you know what that means? It means grab your hot beverage and get some studying on because fall is here! Before you rush to the nearest starbucks though, check out these local coffee shops. Not only will they warm you up, but you’ll get to skip the long lines that you’ll find at Starbucks or Scooters.

  1. Caffeine dreams. If you’re in the midtown area, then this is the place to go. From the outside this place might look a little sketchy, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts. It’s decked out with comfy couches which makes it the perfect place to study. They offer a variety of drinks and even have a selection of food to eat. Plus they have pumpkin spice latte’s, and Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes. Caffeine dreams is located at 4524 Farnam Street. The business hours are; Monday-Thursday; 6:30a.m-11p.m, Friday;6:30a.m-12a.m, Saturday; 7:00a.m.-12:00a.m, Sunday; 8a.m-11p.m.
  1. Archetype Coffee. This coffee shop has a modern look with a bit of hipster blended in. It’s simple and not crowded in decorations. Speaking of simple, so is their menu, but it won’t disappoint! Archetype Coffee is located 3926 Farnam Street.
  1. Pettit’s Pastry. This one is a little closer to home. It’s been family owned since 1954, and it’s still going today. They have pumpkin spiced lattes, and even caramel apple ones. Also just like it says in the name, they have pastries that are made every morning. Plus, it’s a drive thru so you don’t even have to get out of your car to get your coffee or pastry! Pettit’s Pastry is located in downtown Papillion at 344 S. Washington Street, across from the Junior High School.

Keeping Christmas alive


Believe it or not, teens have lost some holiday spirit since they were children. For some, Christmas is still, “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, but for most it’s a little less exciting. Papillion La-Vista South high school students talk about what it’s like to be a teen during Christmas. Senior Sarah Kosmicki shares how she keeps her Christmas exciting.

SarahWEBKosmicki likes to keep Christmas spirit alive in school. “I make it more exaggerated. I’m not afraid to show what I believe in.” Kosmicki said. She keeps her Christmas fun by wearing earrings to school during December. She wears Santa, snowmen and even Christmas wreath earrings. People around school notice them too. “I either get a smile, or a laugh, or someone complimenting them.” Kosmicki said, “I feel like they’re more happier when they see me.” Junior Eric Allen explains what Christmas means to him as well.

Allen explains what it’s like to be a teen during Christmas with a humorous view. “Actually, no one told me Santa wasn’t real. So I still believe in Santa.” Allen said. “I got a letter from him one time, it was awesome.” (Don’t take this literally. He really doesn’t believe in Santa). Even though Christmas may not be as magical, Allen still finds the season enjoyable. “I like the whole season. The weather, and the fun things people do. I wouldn’t say there are any pros of Christmas personally, because I’m not as close to my family.” Allen said. Despite the fact that Christmas isn’t his favorite holiday, Allen likes the season. “I just get really excited about the season, and the cold weather. I get more happy about it now.” Allen said. Sophomore Madison Miller explains how different Christmas is for her.

Madison Miller says that Christmas is less special, but she keeps it fun. “It hasn’t changed much for me, but it feels less special than when I was a kid.” Miller said. Miller’s family helps her with keeping Christmas exciting. “My family is still really childish, and we have a lot of fun.” Miller said. “We put bows on our heads, and we play games. It’s usually general chaos.” Freshman Darby Ronning recalls what Christmas used to be like as well.

Christmas for Ronning is less exciting than it used to be. “It’s less of a big affair, and it’s more quiet.” Ronning said. She said that she had some fun times as a child during Christmas. “Once, in the 3rd grade, I hid in the Christmas tree box. My dad made my mom look in it and I scared her. He made me do it.” Ronning said. She then recalls how she found out Santa wasn’t real. “In the second grade my babysitter told me that Santa wasn’t real. I had to pretend around my parents that I still didn’t know, so she didn’t get fired.” Ronning said, “I was like oh, well I kinda figured that he wasn’t real.”

Kosmicki and Miller both had the same thing to say. “Make it exciting. Don’t be afraid to act like a kid.” So put on those Santa earrings, and show everyone what Christmas should be like again.

Nothing to do?


How many times have you received a text reading, “I’m bored” or asked someone, “What’s up?” and ended up with the classic reply: “Nothing.” Millions. Billions. Maybe trillions of times. ATTENTION: A CURE HAS BEEN FOUND. If you’re on your 20th episode on Netflix, if you’ve clicked “Continue Watching” multiple times, get off the couch. Turn off Netflix, put down the remote put your hands behind your back and get the heck out of your house.

Face it, each day it’s getting colder; each day, the days become shorter. Soon Nebraska will be in the endless abyss of winter. Outside won’t be an option when those winds hit. Go outside while you still can, escape the familiarity of Papillion life, and find some excitement!

Roberts Skate Park
78th and Webster Street, Omaha
Grab a skateboard and hit the ramps. This park’s 14,000-square-foot design allows various skill levels. Bring a friend to carry you off, worst-case scenario.

Mt. Crescent Zip Line
17026 Snowhill Lane, Honey Creek, Iowa
Missing the thrill in your life? Attention, adrenaline junkies, this is the activity for you! Cross over to our neighbor (Iowa) and visit this zip line! Fly 300 feet in the air, traveling about the length of five football fields. Welcome to one of the longest zip lines in the country. One zip line ride, $25; three for $40.

Lauritzen Gardens
100 Bancraft St., Omaha
Take a trip to Omaha’s botanical gardens before it gets too cold. Open daily. Admission: $10 adults, $5 ages 6-12; younger than 6, free.

Farmers Market
Between Jackson  and Harney Street, Omaha
Love food? Visit Omaha’s farmers market, in downtown Omaha. Stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods and items. Last day of the market is Oct. 17.

Hefflinger Dog Park
112th and West Maple Road, Omaha
Give your dog some love, and hit up this park. P.S. Your dog wants treats.

The Ranch Run
285 S. 20th St., Elkhorn
Run for a cause! There will be a 5K, 10K, 10-mile and cowpoke kids run. Race day is Oct. 18. The run will raise money for Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy. Following the race there will be a chili feed, awards and a vendor fair. For details, visit

Ticket to a happy Homecoming


It’s almost that time of year again….HOMECOMING!! Homecoming is one of the many events that students stress about. This year’s theme is travel. You get the honor to travel back to your wonderful school, but this time wearing cute, fancy clothes.
“I’m very excited to see the reactions and responses to all the hard work Student Council members have put into this. Homecoming is an event that happens only a few times in your life and we try our hardest to fulfill everyone’s expectations,” Student Council member, junior, Jessa Westcott said.
Thanks to Student Council and all their hard work, some of the stress has been taken out of your hands. Here are a few suggestion to help you have a stress free Homecoming.


La Vista Nail Spa – $
72nd and Giles
has very reasonable prices $10-$45, awesome service, very basic techniques, lots of colors to choose from.

JBs Classic Cuts – $$
96th and Giles
fast service prices range $20-$50

Faces Day Spa – $$$
84th and Center
Is high class, service is slow, appointments recommended, prices range $25-$70


Xenon Academy – $
84th and Park Dr.
a cosmetologist school, they do a great job at prices ranging from $20-$50

Studio 413 Salon – $$
Golden Gate Cir.
reasonable prices ranging $30-$90, prices will vary off of length, thickness, and what is all done.

Bloom Salon – $$$
Tara Plaza
very classy, overall a high end salon. Prices would range to about $40-$100


Hy-Vee – $
Shadow Lake
super cute and simple. Prices range $15-$35

Papillion Flower Patch – $$
84th and E. 1st st.
wide variety, more color selections $15-$60


J.C. Penny – $
Shadow Lake
A wide variety, reasonable prices starting at $40

Gentlemen’s Choice – $$
84th and Dodge St.
more of a selection, prices vary on what is bought, starts at $60

Tip Top Tux  – $$$
Shadow Lake
 higher prices, great quality. Prices start at $65


Forever 21 – $
Nebraska Crossing Outlets
extremely cheap, super cute with many selections, less formal. Prices $20-$40

J.C. Penny – $$
Shadow Lake
more formal than casual, smaller selection than most stores, prices $50-$80

Davids Bridal – $$$
Westroads Mall
super formal, lots of sizes and colors, also has alterations. Prices vary $40-$100


Chilis – $
84th and Giles
nothing too fancy, very good food, price range $20-$30

Old Chicago – $$
Shadow Lake
overall great service, good quality of food, prices between $30-$50

Kobe Steak House – $$$
168th and Burke Street
super awesome entertainment, great quality of food and large portions, prices $50-$90

Music to keep you warm this winter


On Sept. 23, Twenty One Pilots played their Blurryface setlist at Sumtur Amphitheatre. Dedicated fans, such as myself, stayed to be reborn through the music despite the skies tearing open and absolutely soaking us all through with rain.

Summer’s officially over, guys.

IMG_6653So what happens fall-come-winter for the music lovers that need to be out and about and living that concert attendee life?

Do not despair! I am here to guide you, friends.

Colder weather does NOT make the local noise any quieter. Grab a really woolen coat and roll your socks up as high as they go, get in your car, and let’s pick a venue.

(S’all gonna be indoors, no worries. We’ll keep you cosy.)


Want to discover some upcoming bands and names barely heard of (because we all know you need some legit hipster points)? Let’s go underground, bud. There’s music playing live here all. the. time. Shows range from FREE to $25 – and most fall in around $5. Their website is CONSTANTLY updated with shows and events – if you’re under 17, be sure to check out their admission rules as this venue does have a bar. All through October and November there are regular rock gigs.



More rock, more rock, more rock!!  Metal band Havok are there to wreak it on November 6th.  Girl on Fire play here on November 10th. Don’t know these names? Me neither. Oh, you do? Great, go rock out, buddy. Lookout Lounge’s got a lot more planned, too…

SITE: . (This is another bar, so bear that in mind!)


Sufjan Stevens, “similar to Arcade Fire”, is present and correct with gentle, pretty folksy music on October 28th. His stuff is like the soundtrack you need for the quiet moments in the winter sunshine, when the rays are catching the icicles on the naked tree branches and everything is silent under its blanket of white – ah, bliss. And possible days off school. That’s a good memory that hasn’t been made yet, right? Go listen to his music and tell me it doesn’t invoke that feeling, of pretty little mornings and the serene simplicity of waking up and feeling just okay. He’ll be bringing that to Omaha and I am delighted, actually. Ahem, that’s enough bias for one article–


Here’re your big gigs. Taylor Swift is in town on October 9th. All tickets are SOLD OUT but if you want to pay out for some resale tickets, ticketmaster has your back. Hurry!

Janet Jackson will be rocking out on October 30th and big name Black Sabbath arrive January 20th. …Tell your parents and never never, never say die! Yeeeah!

More classics?! Def Leppard, Foreigner, and Night Ranger are all playing together October 11th and there ARE tickets available. I don’t feel like you’re very excited by this. Foreigner did “You’re as Cold as Ice/I really need to sacrifice your love…” and “I wanna know what love is!!”. Yes? No? Okay. Motley Crue play on December 4th, if you need more oldie swayin’.


The Story So Far arrive on October 29th, who belt out catchy punk rock. I know that’s an oversaturated genre, but it’s still… so… good… And it’s definitely the sound you need to pump yourself up and shake yourself out of the sadness that your vacations were over around what, three months ago? Sorry for reminding you.

Go get the app BandsInTown if you want to stay updated with local events! I’m not being paid to advertise, unfortunately, I’m just being a good journalist in sharing my primary source with you – uh, wait…

Get some live music in your life and some bass in your veins, and maybe I’ll see you somewhere. As Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun might say, “stay lit” this fall, friends.

Titan summer bucket list


BucketList Mag2A common complaint is that there is nothing fun to do in Nebraska. Don’t let this interfere with the perfect summer! With a little research an exciting bucket list can be created anywhere. When you are done reading the story, fill out your own bucket list.


Pop quiz! What is the Nebraska state soft drink? … Kool-aid! So of course there would be a Nebraska festival entirely devoted to it. There are turnip festivals in Massachusetts, so at least Kool-aid festivals are slightly more normal. This festival will happen in Hastings, NE on June 7 – 9th. If this festival isn’t interesting enough, it will also include the World’s Largest Kool-aid stand. Hastings is about a 2 ½ hour drive away, but how many opportunities to go to a Kool-aid festival will there be? This is definitely a must-have Nebraska summer bucket list item.


This event will be held on June 5 – 7th. On the 5th, teams will build giant sand sculptures in the parking lot of the century link center. The sculptures will then be judged and an award ceremony will take place. The next two days of the event will be viewing days of the sand art. There will also be entertainment, fun and bounce houses. This event is an annual event held to raise awareness and funds for the Nebraska Children’s Home Society. Admission is free for the two second days. When else will there be an opportunity to get a selfie with a giant sand sculpture? No summer is complete without one.


This event is keyed more towards English and theater nerds, but could definitely be fun for all. The event is free, although a small donation of $10-20 donation would be appreciated to help offset the cost of the production. This year, “Twelfth Night” will be performed on June 20-23rd and July 3rd, 5th and 7th. “Titus Andronicus” will run from June 27-30th and July 2 and 6th. The performances start at 8:00, but attendees are invited to come at 6:00 for fun and food to complete the “Shakesperience.”


Music festivals and concerts are a popular bucket list item for any time of the year. If you can’t get your music fix from shadow lake concerts and the occasional big name century link concert, check out these music festivals for must-have bucket list fun.

LOLLAPALOOZA – This 3 day music festival in Chicago is probably already on a lot of teen bucket lists for this summer. It will be held from July 31 to August 2nd of this year. Unfortunately, tickets are already sold out, so unless you have almost $2,000 for VIP seats you will have to get scalped tickets. Make sure you do enough research to make sure you are actually getting real tickets. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Get on stubhub or other ticket sites that have a policy that protects you if you buy tickets that are not legit. Stubhub guarantees that the tickets they sell will gain you entry to the event or they will replace your tickets for ones that will.If you are interested in the lineup for Lollapalooza go to If you can’t afford or find tickets, consider simply putting a trip to Chicago on your bucket list, the city has lots of fun things to explore.

MAHA MUSIC FESTIVAL – The Maha music festival will take place at 12:00 pm, August 15th in Stinson park at Aksarben Village. Tickets are $50 for general admission and $175 for VIP. The lineup includes Modest Mouse, Atmosphere, Purity Ring, Wavves, The Jayhawks, Alvvays, Ex Hex, The Good Life, Speedy Ortiz, All Young Girls Are machine Guns, Freakabout, and BOTH. More information can be found on the maha music festival website.

NEBRASKALAND DAYS – This is a definite must-see for Country music fans. This North Platte concert series takes place from June 26th-27th. On the 26th Colt Ford will open for  Florida-Georgia Line and on the 27th Will Hoge will open for Thomas Rhett. Tickets are $59 for general admission to Florida-Georgia Line and $39 for Thomas Rhett. If anyone needs to get in touch with their Nebraska roots this summer, this is the way to do it!

VANS WARPED TOUR – The Vans warped tour is traveling across the country and will be in Kansas on July 30th. The concert will be in Bonner Springs, KS at the cricket wireless ampitheater. This is about a three hour drive from Omaha. General admission tickets are priced from $44.25 – $55.50 depending on if you want a 3D collector ticket or a regular one. The lineup includes 92 artists but is subject to change. You can view the lineup by going to the warped tour website, clicking on the dates tab, and then clicking on July 30th towards the bottom of the page.

NO COAST FEST – This exciting festival will be held on June 2nd at Westfair Amphitheatre in Council Bluffs, IA. The lineup includes Cage The Elephant, Bleachers, Joywave, Icky Blossoms, Saint Motel, In The Valley Below and others. Tickets are just $10 and can be purchased on or at Homers in the Old Market. Gates will be open at noon and the show will start around 1 p.m.. Set times will be posted on soon.Don’t miss out on this exciting event, and put it on your bucket list now.


”The Shining” most people think of the Jack Nicholson movie, but they are disappointed when they visit the Stanley Hotel. The book that started it all was based off of the historic Stanley Hotel, this has made it a popular tourist destination for people visiting Estes Park, CO. But because the Jack Nicholson version was not filmed at the Stanley, visitors often confused by the difference. Visitors most commonly wonder where the giant 8-10 foot maze is. The horror film nerds would give them a long schpeel on how the Jack Nicholson version of “the Shining” was not filmed at the hotel like Stephen King wanted it to be and they took too many liberties when adapting the book and blah, blah, blah. But the Stanley hotel decided to remedy this for their annual horror film festival that was held from April 30 – May 3rd. They installed a 3 foot tall hedge that wraps around the front of the hotel. This hedge maze won’t be there just for the festival, but will be a permanent exhibit for the foreseeable future. Estes Park is about a 9 hour drive from Papillion, but this iconic hedge and the mountain views will be reward enough.


The college world series will be at TD Ameritrade stadium in Omaha from June 14 – 25th. It is still fun to go to a game, even if a certain team does not make it in. Baseball is still ‘America’s pastime’, so muster up enough patriotism to get to a game. Even if someone dislikes baseball, they can still have fun walking around the booths set up around the stadium in downtown Omaha or they can find solace in all of the wonderful foods sold in baseball stadiums. People from all over America put this one on their bucket lists, it would be incredibly wasteful to throw away this great opportunity in one’s hometown. Seize your summer, and get to the Old market for the College World Series.

Good News! It’s Summer



SLIDE THE CITY: One thousand feet of vinyl does not seem to serve a purpose in a place like Nebraska during the months of summer. However, lay it out on a hill and pour some water on it and those 1,000 feet turn into one of the biggest events of break. A giant three-lane waterslide will be hitting Papillion at the tail end of summer. The slide, which is longer than 3 football fields, will close 84th street from First to Sixth streets on August 1st. If one ride down the slide is enough for you, the price is $15, which includes a mouthguard, drawstring bag, and tattoo. But if you want some more bang for your buck, you can pay $30 for three turns, or $50 for VIP access. Be sure to go to to get your tickets in advance, because like most events, the tickets will cost more the day of. The slide requires participants to use an inflatable, but that doesn’t put a damper on the fun. In fact, it makes you go faster. The slide will be in place all day and available for VIP sliders an hour before and after when it officially opens. You might be thinking of the long line that’s sure to be there, but there will be plenty to do while you wait your turn for this epic slide. The city of Papillion is providing live music, and food for those who attend. Don’t miss this opportunity! Who knows the next time you’ll be allowed to slide down the street.

ACTING OUT: Not only are there fabulous concerts going on this summer, there will also be some quality theater happening as well, with PL South students in the cast. Senior, Max Hauze will be in Mary Poppins will be at the Rose theater from June 5th to June 28th. The Sumtur amphitheater will hold the Wizard of Oz, and Spamalot, a spin-off of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, will be at the Omaha Community Playhouse from May 29 to June 28. Seniors Emily Tencer and Aaron Lawrence will be in the cast.

SUMTUR CONCERTS: Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Tomorrowland are causes of jealousy for many individuals. However, not many people notice the concerts that are happening right in good, old, Papillion. The Sumtur Amphitheater will be hosting quite a few marvelous events over the break. On May 29, The Decemberists will perform, and NEEDTOBREATHE will hit Papillion on July 23. Walk the Moon comes to town on August 3, and Twenty one pilots will take the stage on September 23.

GET CORNY: If there is one thing that Nebraska is known for, it’s corn. However, the vegetable doesn’t get as much recognition as one might think. The Sweet Corn Festival is a great place to start if you’re looking to add a bit of butter to your summer. The two-day shindig will be held at Lauritzen Gardens on August 8th and 9th. There will be hayrack rides, corn ice cream, live music, corn-on-the-cob, fresh kettle corn, and many more corny activities. Admission is $10, which includes access to the rest of the gardens which will be in full bloom.

HAVE A BERRY GOOD SUMMER: If vegetables aren’t your style, there is still a way to get home-grown produce without traveling very far. The Bellevue Berry Farm will be open all summer with a variety of fruits for your picking pleasure. Strawberry season is at it’s height at mid-June, and raspberry season goes from July to October. If you’re looking to get a little crazy, asparagus season is in May. Also the farm throws one heck of a Renaissance Fair. For only $12, you can experience giant turkey legs, live jousting, jesters, music, and games. The event will run the weekends of May 2nd, and May 9th, and minstrels will be singing it’s praises.

Prepping for Prom: Prom tips 101

The days are slowly ticking by, and you know what that means….PROM. The night to remember, the night that goes down in the books as a supposed “highlight of your high school experience.” You may be a newbie getting ready to see the twinkling lights and hanging airplanes at the SAC museum, or you may be a returning student eager to jump back on the dance floor for one final high school dance, whoever you are, listen to these pros as they give their tips from their previous prom nightmares and dreams that came true.

Seniors Andrea Torres and Calem Witt expertly matching their outfits at prom 2014. (Photo by Rachel Torres)


“Your outfit for prom has to be perfect. I like to check online before I go shopping in order to get an idea of the type of dress I would like. Don’t be afraid to try things on, finding the right dress can be a lengthy process.” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Don’t wait until the last minute to get your dress, especially if you are planning on ordering from online. It’s nice to have extra time just in case you need to alter your dress or get a new one if you absolutely hate the one you currently have.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“Get your dress/tux tailored as soon as you can, don’t do it last minute and have it be messed up.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“If you’re buying the dress at a store, make sure you find whatever is comfortable for you to dance in!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Don’t go too extreme with the tux, guys. You can be a little adventurous but not much can beat the classic black tux.” –Aaron Homme, 12th

“Always go bow-tie! Ties are for homecoming.” –Nick Bailey, 12th

“If you have a date, matching is a necessity and it will make you and your partner look very sharp.” –Benjamin Saul, 10th

“Make sure your vest matches her dress.” –Joe Fox, 12th


“When it comes to hair, you do you…but remember to stay classy.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“Girls, if you have a backless dress that you want to show off, find a hairdo that would look cute when it’s up! Guys, you have it a little easier. Get it up, to the side, sleek it back. Do whatever fits you.” -Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Prom only happens once a year, so it is important that you spend a little extra time on your hair and makeup. If you don’t want to spend extra money on getting those things done professionally, don’t sweat it. I did my own hair and makeup last year for prom, and everything turned out great!” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Once you have your hair done, use a whole bottle of hairspray to hold it in place. Hairspray is a girl’s best friend.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

Juniors Gabby Catterson and Rachael Packard styling their hair just right with their gowns. (Courtesy photos)


“I personally believe that dinner is super important for prom. It’s a nice get-together before the dance and it can relieve stress and make for a better night. Wearing a suit all day can honestly be exhausting and there is nothing better than having a fancy dinner with your friends. Whether as a group or with a partner, dinner is a must!” –Benjamin Saul, 10th

“People’s tastes can be so different, it is important to choose a place that everyone will enjoy. If it is possible, make reservations, especially for large parties.” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Take pictures before you stuff yourself with food!” –Caitlyn Crowe, 11th

“Make dinner fun but not too crazy. Spend a little money on a fancy restaurant but don’t break your bank doing it.” –Nick Bailey, 12th

“Don’t get spaghetti. It ended up all over my dress before we even got to the dance.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“When going out to eat with your date or with your group of friends, make sure not to stuff yourself! You want to be able to have room to dance! Also guys, be generous and pay for your date!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Dinner needs to be nice, guys, take her to her favorite restaurant. Its your job to keep her happy tonight, and starting off with her favorite place is a good idea.” –Aaron Homme, 12th

“Make sure you don’t have food in your teeth after you’re done eating.” –Emma Martinez, 12th


“The music at prom may not always be the best, but this is either your first prom or your last, or your second or third! Make your high school prom experience a blast! Dance it up! When there is a song you don’t like, you could take your party over to the drink stand and refresh yourself up!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Dancing is hard and everyone sucks at it, so don’t be afraid of dancing.” –Nick Bailey, 12th

“Don’t request country music.” –Joe Fox, 12th

“I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes to prom. Take pictures in your nice 6” heels and then take them off! Or just take the heels off once you get there. Dancing + heels = painful outcome.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“You can make any situation fun if you want to.” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“The music can be a really good hit and definitely set the mood for the next dance. Whether slow or fast you should take your partner or group of friends and have a good time.” –Benjamin Saul, 10th


“It can sometimes be difficult to decide what to do after prom. Fortunately, our school sponsors post prom, a fun and safe way to spend your night. This year they are holding it at the Amazing Pizza Machine. I recently went there in order to get a feel for how post prom will be, and I had a blast! But, no matter what you do, choose something that you will enjoy, but be responsible!” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“The Amazing Pizza Machine is way cooler than the school gym and there’s an all-you-can-eat buffet. Food is why I go to post prom.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“Now, although prom is fun, there is nothing more exciting than post prom, its dressed down and everyone is there to party. Its safe and enjoyable and starts late which means you yourself don’t have to host a party. There is literally nothing greater than ending your prom night with post prom and a few friends. It is something you must attend!” –Benjamin Saul, 10th

“Make sure your parents know your post prom plan and don’t make them worry.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“If post prom isn’t an option for you, have a girls night or guys night! But make sure you be careful with what you do after prom. Be safe!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th


“Let yourself have fun, it’s a great time. Last year, I was kind of hesitant to be super social, but you gotta go out and dance and have a great time.” –Aaron Homme, 12th

“Put your name in your shoes! Last year, mine got mixed up and I ended up with shoes that didn’t fit. Please don’t let that happen to you!” –Gabby Catterson, 11th

“Make sure you take a shower so you smell fresh and hang out with your closest friends.” –Joe Fox, 12th

Senior Noah Thornton posing in front of his mom, Papio South english teacher Ann Thornton, at last year’s prom. (Courtesy photos)

“Don’t spend your time in the bathroom trying to make sure your make up looks presentable…and don’t be that person sitting at a table on your phone the whole night!” –Chelsea Palafox, 12th

“Don’t forget to drink lots of water and avoid the punch…No one wants a punch stain all over their face like a mustache, and punch breath is not pleasant.” –Emma Martinez, 12th

“The most important thing to remember during prom is a package of mint gum and some extra money. You never know what kind of exciting things will happen on prom night. From late night movies to the first kiss, you must stay classy and fresh.”–Benjamin Saul, 10th

“Don’t freak and stress yourself out.” –Jenna Winkler, 11th

“Have fun…you only get two of these.” –Nick Bailey, 12th


Students’ award-winning art goes on display


Gold and Silver awards are not usually given out for art, but the scholastic art and writing awards do just that. Artists from high schools all over Nebraska submit works to be judged. The judges receive thousands of submissions and have to narrow them down to a few hundred.

Our school was awarded 28 awards and 15 individual students were recognized. All of the artwork is on display in the Omaha TAC building downtown. The building is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00PM and is open on Saturday from 8:00 to 12:00. The artwork will be on display from February 23rd to March 31st. Support your fellow students by visiting the display!

The students receiving the awards are ecstatic. “I was really excited and couldn’t believe that I had won anything,” junior Mariah Allen said.

Receiving this award is no small honor, and the students know that. “This award means potential scholarships and is looked very highly upon in the art world,” Senior Raina Watson said. “Scholastic art award alumni have done fantastic things and are role models for sure.”

The reward of the award is a great motivator, but it takes a lot to put something as personal as artwork up for judgment. “I was not confident in my painting and I wasn’t sure I would get an award,” Junior Anna Vu said. “When I got the gold key, it gave me more confidence in my art and talents.”

A lot of work goes into creating these pieces, but submitting the art is quite a task too. “We at the school pick a few, we photo them and submit a digital copy,” Art teacher Mary Todero said. “We are notified and get them ready for display and have to take them down to the Omaha TAC building.”

Be sure to check out the display at the TAC building this weekend and honor all of the hard work done by the Papillion-La Vista south art department.