Driver’s Ed may be a ticket to freedom


For the average 16-year-old, driving may be considered a luxury, but not having a license would be a struggle. An easy way to prevent that could be trading in three summer days for a class that will pay off with the freedom to drive. Even though those days are almost equivalent to a school day, it will be worth it in the end.

A former participant in summer Driver’s Ed, Lacie Vacanti, said the class made the DMV process easier, as well. “You don’t have to take the written test,” she said. Another plus Vacanti mentioned was a drop in insurance costs. “Lots of teenagers crash and are not experienced enough,” she said. Insurance agencies reward those who successfully complete Driver’s Ed by reducing the rates they pay each month.

Rachel Ausenbaugh also took a drivers education class, but hers was from Cornhusker. “Nothing big was different,” she said, “just the teachers.”


Driver’s Ed offered at Papio South

  • Instructor: Stan Troxel
  • Dates: June 13-24
  • Driving: June 14-22
  • Times: 8-10 a.m. or 10 a.m. to noon
  • Cost: $350
  • For more information talk to Mrs. Morrow in Career Ed or at


  • Classes June 6- Aug. 3 still available
  • It’s in a span of three days and 20 hours, plus and additional 3-5 of driving
  • Where: Westside Community Conference Center
  • Cost: $375