Get yo snow pants on!


It was my fault. On Jan. 18 I turned clockwise instead of counter clockwise and we had horrible driving conditions, but no snow day. So to make it up to you, I am going to tell you all the right ways to cause a Snow Day. If we all work together, maybe we can get one. Beware: If you perform these rituals wrong, then you might end up with rough driving conditions instead of a day off of school.

Snow day copy WEB.copyLet’s start with dropping ice in the toilet. This helps freeze the water like snow. You must drop a minimum of six ice cubes and make sure that are none stuck together or else they count as one ice cube. Slowly, let the ice run down your hand into the toilet so no toilet water splashes up on you. Once all the ice is in the toilet flush it away to the Snow Day Gods. Side note: Don’t be afraid of all the ice clogging the toilet. It may look like a lot, but it is ice. It will melt, not clog.

Now we head back to the freezer to place an orange in it. Make sure it is a full orange not a cutie or a clementine. With the freezer door still open, open your arms wide and spin counter clockwise. DO NOT SPIN CLOCKWISE OR YOU WILL END UP LIKE ME WITH BAD ROAD CONDITIONS AND STILL AT SCHOOL. So spin counter clockwise, and only spin around five times. Keep track: Not one spin over.

While you’re in the kitchen grab a nice clean silver spoon. Don’t try and grab a plastic pink spoon. Must be silver. Go ahead and put it under your pillow. Make sure it’s your main pillow not a throw pillow you never use. When sleeping, you won’t even notice the spoon there.

Don’t forget to grab that lucky penny! Tape your lucky penny heads up on your front door, so the Snow Gods can pick up that lucky penny and you may be lucky to get a Snow Day.

Finally the most important thing to do is to wear your pajamas inside out and backward. It might sound goofy, but you’re going to sleep. No one will know but the Snow Gods.

Just some basic guidelines for all of these tricks: to make it snow are to make sure all your brothers, sister and friends join in on the madness. Before you know, it we all will be outside building snowmen and not at school taking a pop quiz.