How well do you know Henry Doorly?

The full name of the ‘Butterfly exhibit’  is…
A) Scott Butterfly Plaza
B) Theresa Martin Insect and Butterfly Plaza
C) Henry Doorly Insect and Butterfly Viewing Garden
D) Berniece Grewcock Butterfly and Insect Pavilion
E) Kristine Thi Stuart Butterfly Conservation Pavilion

The ‘metal thing’ at the top of the Desert Dome is called the…
A)  Maintenance Area 10
B) Crow’s nest
C) Desert Dome pointe
D) Zookeeper’s sky lounge
E) Head House

The Shark Tunnel is ___  feet deep and continually cycles through ___ gallons of water.
A) 40 / 200,000,000
B) 17 / 900,000
C) 25 / 500,000
D) 12 / 200,000
E) 50 / 100,000,000

Engine No. 395-104 was built by…
A) Krauss in Linz, Austria
B) Union Station in Omaha, Neb.
C) Pacific Northwest in San Francisco
D) Strauss in Munich, Germany
E) Union Pacific in Lincoln, Neb.

The statue of 12 lions just inside the zoo gates was created by ____ and is titled…
A) Jackie Smith, Omaha Strong
B) Riley E. Nickerson, Lion Pride
C) Todd Schmidt, Untitled
D) Elsie Ulrich, Henry Doorly Zoo Lions
E) Bob Guelich, Doorly Pride


Answers: D, E, B, A, E