Titan Trailblazers


It’s that time of year again, and this year’s senior class is about to graduate. These chosen seniors portray all that this school has to offer with being involved in sports, fine arts, or clubs. Although these seniors are leaving and are off to bigger and better things, they will always have one thing in common: being a Titan.

Brandon DavisBRANDON DAVIS, Diesel Technology, Central Community College

“I learned a lot of leadership from being in band, and that kind of helped me find my strengths and weaknesses.”

“I want band to stay fun. Things are changing and it’s becoming more about the numbers and performance instead of having a good time and enjoying what you’re doing. I hope it keeps it’s school spirit.”

“Stay headstrong and keep your head high, but not too high.”

Lauren FedenLAUREN FEDEN, Art & Chemistry, Hastings College

“I’ve learned how to manage my time and I’ve made some amazing friends.”

“My legacy is the Titan Legacy (oh).”

 “My most memorable moment was my sophomore year for student council, we decorated our corner for homecoming as Forest Gump, and it was fantastic and I was so proud.”

Nick HettingerNICK HETTINGER, Psychology, UNL

“Everyone deserves a chance no matter where they come from. Everyone has the ability to become something great if they allow themselves to.”

“[School] instilled a strong work ethic in me.”

“I always tried to reach out to all sorts of people and I tried to talk to a variety of people and always tried to accept people the way they are and not be a different person around people.”

Miranda KuzelaMIRANDA KUZELA, Russian & computer science, UNL

“Being involved helped me to learn time management skills and made me appreciate free time more.”

“I canceled my birthday dinner with my family the night of Titanium rehearsal, so my friends surprised me and the whole group with cake and then sang happy birthday to me. I cried, but tears of happiness.”

 “I want to be remembered for my dedication to learning, especially languages, and hopefully it might help people stay motivated about their own educational goals.”

CAITLYN COTTON, Nursing, Hastings College

“There are a lot more people that care about me than I think. Everything I’ve learned from coach Cooley will forever impact my life.”

“I want my legacy to be for people to remember me as a great person to be around and to look up to.”

 “I gained mostly leadership skills and a lot of life lesson from school.”

Jordan DavisJORDAN DAVIS, Psychology, UNL

“Everyone comes from different places and you can’t judge someone from an outside point of view because everyone has a different background.”

“For DECA when they elected me was one of the best feelings of my entire life.”

 “Take in all that you can and don’t forget that life goes on after high school because I think that people can forget that.”

Triston FairchildTRISTON FAIRCHILD, Business, Colgate University

“DECA really helped me in pursuing my scholastic goals because a lot of subjects didn’t interest me but business did, and it opened me to opportunities that I can use in the future.”

“Sacrifice now, pleasure later.”

 “Has to be when we beat Millard North my junior year when we won on a last second field goal.”

Adam GadsdenADAM GADSDEN, Emergency management, UNO

“Biggest thing I’ve learned from high school is that grades don’t define a person, there’s much more to them than that.”

“Probably when Mike Smith came to speak to us was one of the most impactful things that happened in high school”

 “Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams no matter what people are telling you. You’re the one that has to die when you die so live the life you want to live.”

Nate Koeppe copyNATE KOEPPE, Engineering, UNL

“If you want to do well, all you have to do is work hard.”

“During finals I brought a sleeping bag to school and took a nap after every final.”

“I was number one.”

Jenna WinklerJENNA WINKLER, Biology, Morningside

“I learned how to multitask and prioritize.”

“Even when you don’t think you can go any further, someone will believe in you, and if they don’t, believe in yourself.”

“If you want to do it, do it. Try out for the basketball team, take a choir class, ask that boy out. As Mr. Haselhorst often says ‘fail forward.’”