What’s new at the zoo?


Those who have grown up in Omaha have been severely spoiled… in terms of the zoo they have had at their leisure. But Omaha is about to reach a new level of pampering.

The Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is scheduled to finish the African Grasslands exhibit by memorial day, though pieces have already opened.

The exhibit features an African Lodge, elephants, an area for a lion pride, and a plain that will hold a mixture of animals, just like the real thing.

All together, this project will total around $73 million and is the largest construction project to date taken on by the zoo.

This isn’t the only record-breaking component of this exhibit: The 11,500 square foot elephant stall has been dubbed “the largest family room in North America to accomodate females and offspring,” according to the Henry Doorly Zoo website.

The elephants will also have an extensive outdoor area that includes a lake. The perfect spot to view this will be from the African Lodge.

This will include a concession stand featuring food with an ‘African Flair’, room for up to 300 guests, and will also function as a space for private functions and overnight experiences.

The best part is  that the walk to the exhibit is optional. The exhibit will have its own Skyfari stop and themed train station.